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Our Project Portfolio

Union Avenue Plaza

147 apartments &
Commercial Spaces
160,000 sqf

Includes: 147 Luxury High-End Apartments
and Condominiums with Lobby and
Commercial / Amenities with pool

Berry Complex

95 Lofts
90,000 sqf

Includes: Ground Up Construction, Including
Commercial Spaces and 95 Lofts

Queens, NY

Commercial Spaces
86,000 sqf

Includes: Medical Office / Pharmaceutical
office and Commercial Spaces

Hell’s Kitchen – Luxury Apartments

50 apartments &
Commercial Spaces
76,000 sqf

Includes: High-end Residential
Condos w/ Swimming Pool,
Restaurant and Bar

Wilson St, Brooklyn NY

42 apartments
55,000 sqf

Includes: 42 High-End Rental Apartments